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Classifieds script
- own classified ads portal

We create professional classified ad portals based on your idea.
Start making money on classified software and paid promotion of your ads.

Build your own classifieds website

Custom car classifieds portal
Ad script like otomoto

Automotive ads

We create automotive classified ads portals - ready-made categories and features for automotive portals.

Classifieds script like otodom

Real estate script

Do you own a real estate office and would like to reach a larger audience by creating your own portal with property sale/rent offers?

Job listings portal
Ads script like pracuj.pl

Job listings

We create portals dedicated to job offers. Set up your own jobs portal

Like OLX / Sprzedajemy.pl

Classified ads

Set up an ad portal similar to popular ad websites like olx / gumtree / sprzedajemy.pl

Ads for a specific industry

Industry ads

We create job portals dedicated to job listings. Set up your own jobs portal.

Thematic ads

Dating portals

Create your dating site, and create the online community on your website.

The advertising portal created by us is easy to use - also for the administrator

We build classified ads portals based on Joomla CMS and our DJ-Classifieds extension / Classifieds software. Thanks to that, you can be sure of stability and further development. Our component has already been sold over 18,000 times and this number is still growing!

Classifieds script features

Explore the possibilities of your classifieds portal.

Online payments

Online payments

Multiple integrated payment gateways for charging.

Making money on the Internet


Charge for promotions, subscriptions, categories, descriptions, banners.



Create paid (including recurring payments) and free subscription plans.

Facebook login

Community Login

Additional login with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram.

Word blocking in ads

Word blocking

It is possible to create a dictionary of forbidden words in ads.

Multilingual classifieds portal

Multilingualism / Translator

It is possible to create a site in multiple languages or integrate an automatic translator.

Ads mobile app

PWA application

Ability to create a PWA mobile app.

Responsive ads

Fully responsive

A website tailored for every device

Importowanie ogłoszeń

Ads import

You can import ads from any XML file.

Ads statistics


Extensive stats for administrator and users.


It is possible to make offers with a dedicated module next to the user's profile.

Any filters and additional fields

Unlimited custom fields and search filters.

Discount codes

It is possible to generate discount codes for all services offered on the site.

Regions / Locations

You can import a ready database of locations for the whole of Europe or define your own.

Ads map


You can choose between Google maps or OpeenStreet.

Auction portal


The portal created by us, brings the feature of online auctions

Powiadomienia z ogłoszeń

Email notifications

The user receives email notifications of expiring ads, new observed categories or authors and much more

Forms security

Forms within the classifieds portal, are anti-spam protected by Google reCaptcha.

Integrated payment methods

Receive payments on your own classified ads portal using the most popular payment systems worldwide.

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • 2Checkout
  • Skrill
  • IPay Total
  • Sofort
  • PayFast
  • Coingate
Płatności portal ogłoszeń
Płatności portal ogłoszeń

Administrator panel features

Order the website's implementation - we will adjust the admin panel to your needs, you will find in it such features as:

  • User management

  • Full management and ads edition

  • Unlimited adding/deleting of categories

  • Edit regions and locations

  • Managing page layout, colors

  • Adding / editing ads or banners

  • Administering the price list for ads and subscription plans

  • Edit ad types

  • Editing of ad issue packages

  • Statistics view

  • Summary of payment details

  • Edit currencies and languages

  • SEO settings

Examples of classifieds script templates

Choose one of our ready-made templates dedicated to classified ads websites.
Of course, it is possible to implement an individual graphic design.

  • Classified ads portal like OLX

    Classified ads like OLX

    Template inspired on the old look of the popular classifieds portal OLX.
  • Automotive ads portal

    Automotive ads

    Template for ads based on old look of popular classifieds portal Otomoto.
  • classifieds script

    Classified ads like OfferUp

    Template based on the popular classifieds portal - Offerup - especially in foreign markets
  • Ral estate ads template

    Real estate portal

    Template dedicated to real estate offers - renting and selling, but of course it can be adapted to any industry.
  • classifieds script

    Job listings

    A template dedicated to job listings. Of course the template can be adapted to any industry
  • classifieds script

    Classified ads

    Template dedicated to classified ads. Of course the template can be adapted to any industry
  • classifieds script

    Real estate ads

    Template dedicated to real estate ads. Of course the template can be adapted to any industry
  • classifieds script

    Dating portal

    Template dedicated to dating portals. Of course the template can be adapted to any industry

    Most important features of our classifieds software

    • Buy now

      On a classifieds portal we can introduce a buy now feature that also allows you to sell. The money can go to the administrator, any payment plugin or directly to the users (however, this feature only works with paypal - sending money by the email address of the paypal account)

    • Auctions

      On your own ad portal you will be able to enable auctions for all / selected ads. Only logged in users will be able to participate in auctions, and the names will be hidden.

    • Monetization

      Our classifieds script has many monetization opportunities - from ad spaces where you can place custom banners or affiliate program scripts like Google Adsense, to earning money by promoting your ads, charging for categories, photos, longer descriptions, subscription, or ad impression duration.

    • Messages

      Created classifieds ads website, we can integrate the messaging system - portal users will be able to communicate within the portal - each user has its own inbox and outbox.

    • Maps

      Our classifieds script is integrated with Google Maps and Open Street Leaflet Maps services. The choice of service is left to the user - both services are free - OS Maps for the whole period, and Google Maps until the free limit is used.

    • Ads import

      We are able to import or set up automatic import of ads from any XML/CSV file.

    • Social login

      It is possible to integrate login with social media such as: Twitter, Google, FaceBook, Linkedin

    • Multilingualism / Translator

      The classifieds portal can be prepared to support multilingualism natively, but it is also possible to have it automatically translate the content posted on the portal into another selected language.

    • Invoices

      Our classifieds script   has built-in invoice handling - so you don't have to worry about paperwork, you just need to configure automatic invoice issuance according to your numbering. 

    Portal implementation stages

    The standard period of preparing the website is about 30 working days

    Stage 1

    Determine needs and specifications and sign a contract.

    Stage 2

    Prepare graphic mockups based on specifications.

    Stage 3

    Preparation of graphic design

    Stage 4

    Graphic design and content implementation.

    Stage 5

    Publication of the portal at the specified web address.

    Our projects

    Check out our previous classified ad portal implementations.

      Classified software pricing

      Get the right plan for your needs.

      • Comprehensive implementation

        From 1250 €

        No additional charges

        • One-time cost
        • Technical support and monitoring
          CMS Joomla
        • Hosting

      • The classified ads component only

        From 79 €

        The option for developers

        • One-time cost
        • Support and updates
          CMS Joomla
        • Self-implementation

        Got questions?

        Do not hesitate to ask. Call us on one of the phones below or write to us via chat on the website or to our email address.

        Phone number

        +48 570 067 732

        Email address

        FAQ - Frequently asked questions

        How much does it cost to maintain your own ad portal?

        In case of realization of a website by us, the cost that you have to bear annually is only the domain and hosting - the annual cost of maintaining the classifieds service will be close to 

        How many ads, categories can there be?

        The number of ads and categories is not limited in any way - you can create any number of announcements, categories, and additional fields.

        Do you need to be an IT professional to manage a website?

        No, all elements of page management are performed from the Joomla backend - the backend is intuitive and easy to use - also in Polish. Additionally, at the end of implementation, we conduct online training.

        Is it possible to import ads ?

        Yes, we are able to import any feed xml, csv - if you have a database or file from which we can download ads. Of course, this is subject to an additional fee, but it is very feasible.

        Can I make money with the portal?

        Yes, nothing is stopping you from monetizing your ad portal. You can charge for promoting your ads, renewing their duration, additional photos, subscriptions, or selling banner ads. There's also no problem plugging into affiliate programs like Google Ads.

        How long does a website take to develop?

        It depends on paperwork, brief, and gathering a set of materials, but most often it takes around 30 days.

        Can the training be purchased?

        After the implementation, you will receive instructional videos from us - you will learn everything about how to use your website - and if necessary, you can always go back to them. The materials are personalized and recorded on your website. Additionally, you can also purchase additional training in a selected area.

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